Solvvy Sees Explosive Growth in Codeless Automation and Workflows

Solvvy’s Workflow Builder is powering the next-gen chatbot and effortless customer support automation for leading businesses.

San Mateo, January 14, 2020 – Solvvy, the next-gen chatbot and automation solution for customer support, is seeing robust adoption of Workflow Builder, its CX automation and integration platform for businesses that allows Customer Service teams to rapidly automate user-facing and back-end business workflows. The Solvvy platform delivers chatbot capabilities, CX process automation, a library of common CX “intents” across a range of industries, and advanced analytics – all in a single solution. CX leaders use Solvvy to scale their operations efficiently, without the need to write any code.

Using an intuitive editor, Workflow Builder makes it simple for any CX subject matter expert (SME) to create highly engaging, customized conversational experiences, either from pre-existing libraries or from scratch. These chatbot experiences can be instantly deployed to end-users via Solvvy’s Chatbot interface on web, mobile, or social channels with no engineers required. Typical outcomes include higher self-service rates, lower agent handle time and higher customer satisfaction.

End-users today expect fast and accurate support from the businesses they work with, regardless of the type of request. Solvvy’s full-fledged support platform utilizes Solvvy Answers to instantly answer common questions, while Solvvy Workflows works in tandem to manage more complex, multi-step customer requests that would otherwise require expensive phone, email, or chat support.

“Solvvy makes it faster and easier for businesses to build truly elegant and intelligent automation for customer support,” said Mahesh Ram, CEO of Solvvy. “Workflow Builder provides more power and control to support leaders and teams to effectively automate nearly any customer request with personalized, custom-made solutions that are incredibly easy to build and maintain. And, where human agents need to be in the loop, Solvvy provides these agents with the information they need to make every interaction more efficient.”

Traditional chatbots, which emerged in the 2010’s and are still prevalent in the market, require businesses to use internal engineering resources or expensive consultants to build and maintain on an on-going basis. Solvvy Workflows can be built by any subject matter expert on your team in a matter of minutes and deliver results immediately. Scribd, a leading reading subscription service with over 100 million users, added Solvvy Workflows to automate more complex, multi-step payment and subscription management issues. Workflows have directly led to a measurable 11% reduction in tickets per user and helped elevate Scribd to greater than a 5X ROI with Solvvy. This has improved Scribd’s customer experience while providing much needed bandwidth to their support team to focus on the highest priority issues.

Kyle Hale, Sr. Product Operations Specialist at VSCO, the leading photo-editing app for Gen Z customers, was recently able to build his first Solvvy Workflow completely on his own, without any formal training. “I had no problems,” Kyle explained. “The entire Workflow took me maybe an hour to build. It’s a good interface that’s intuitive, easy to use. You’ll have success out the gate with it.” Kyle’s automated solution is handling a significant percentage of VSCO’s inbound volume and has been extremely successful – with a massive 75% self-service rate and many satisfied VSCO Creators.

Solvvy Workflows are built atop the Solvvy platform’s powerful Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence capabilities. By understanding the intent behind user questions, Solvvy is able to automatically trigger the right Workflows – or other actions, such as handing off to an agent – at the right time, ensuring highly personalized and delightful experiences for your customers.

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