Solvvy Platform Tiers


For businesses with fewer than 50,000 customer service requests annually



Intelligent Self-Service
  • Intelligent Self-Service Q&A
  • Support for Images in Answers
  • UI Config Manager
  • Coach App (Expert Training)
Reporting & Analytics
  • Self-Service Metrics Dashboard
  • Helpdesk/CRM System Integration
Customer Success & Support
  • Email Support
  • Mid-Year Review with CSM


For businesses with fewer than 500,000 customer service requests annually


In addition to everything in STANDARD:

Intelligent Self-Service
  • Multiple Personas
  • Multiple Support Channel Options (web, chat, mobile)
Reporting & Analytics
  • KB Gap Identification
  • KB Scorecard and Remediation
  • Integration with Chat Systems
  • Native Mobile Functionality
Customer Success & Support
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Onboarding Guidance
  • Annual Business Review


For businesses with more than 500,000 customer service requests annually or complex custom requirements


In addition to everything in PRO:

Intelligent Self-Service
  • Multiple Orgs
  • Non-standard UI Customizations
  • CSAT Surveys
  • Persona-Based Routing
Reporting & Analytics
  • Issue Categorization Reports
  • Custom Integrations
  • Multiple Integrations
Customer Success & CSM
  • Premium CSM Support
  • Monthly CSM Calls
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Customer Experience Consultations


  • Multi-Language Self-Service
  • Custom Self-Service Workflows
  • Facebook Messenger Integration
  • Shopify Self-Service Order Tracking
  • Add-On Chat Integration
  • Add-On Helpdesk/CRM System Integration

Intelligent Self-Service

Intelligent Self-Service Q&A: Powered by our proprietary AnswerGraph technology, customers receive succinct and accurate responses to their questions with answers drawn from relevant portions of pertinent knowledge-base articles.

Support for Images in Answers: Images and animated GIFs from knowledge-base articles are surfaced dynamically in the Solvvy UI.

UI Config Manager: Solvvy UI can be customized from the console to reflect the branding of your business, such as colors and fonts.

Multiple Orgs: Customers can deliver more accurate self-service resolutions by implementing a separate Solvvy instance specific to each user persona or user tier (e.g. free, paid, premium).

Coach App(Expert Training): Customers can provide input to the machine learning models by upvoting specific snippets as answers to user questions. Especially useful when customers update their knowledge-base or add new product features.

Multiple Personas: Solvvy can support multiple user personas by segmenting the answer it serves up based on user type.

CSAT Surveys: Customers can deploy CSAT surveys at the point of resolution that have far higher response rates than email surveys.

Non-Standard UI Customizations: Solvvy solution engineers can create highly customized UI and UX to comply with company-specific branding or other unique requirements.

Reporting & Analytics

KB Gap Identification: Solvvy analysts provide a report of gaps in your knowledge base by surfacing user questions that are not currently answered by any knowledge-base articles.

Solvvy Dashboard: Solvvy provides access to a reporting dashboard with a detailed overview of self-service resolution rate (SSR), customer query volumes and breakdowns, and knowledge-base usage analytics. In addition, customers can download the underlying data in CSV format to analyze in a tool of their choice or generate a PDF report for distribution.

Issue Categorization Reports: Solvvy analysts create a categorization of user questions, providing strategic insight into product and knowledge-base gaps.

KB Scorecard and Remediation: Solvvy analysts provide guidance into how to optimize knowledge base performance by leveraging insights and best practices from our extensive experience across millions of users.


Helpdesk/CRM System Integration: Solvvy integrates with most CRM and helpdesk/ticketing systems. We provide the ability to send data about the user and their interactions, so agents can resolve tickets more efficiently.

Native Mobile Functionality: Customers with app-native Help Centers can still derive the benefits of Solvvy by integrating our Mobile SDK or Wrapper.

Custom Integrations: Solvvy provides custom development work to integrate with the homegrown/custom helpdesk/CRM or the lack of APIs from the vendor.

Integration with Chat Systems: Solvvy can integrate with a variety of supported chat platforms, providing a self-service option before customers start a chat session with a live agent.

Multiple Integrations: Solvvy supports migrations between various helpdesk/CRM and chat systems.

Customer Success & Support

Dedicated Customer Success Manager: Each client builds a relationship with an assigned CSM who is responsible for helping them get the most value out of Solvvy’s technology and capabilities.

Quarterly Business Review: Formal quarterly review of program performance, key metrics, and KPI’s.

Onboarding Guidance: CSM will conduct a kick-off call to set business goals for the year and key milestones. This includes a 30-day check-in to identify quick wins and any main themes to address.

CX Consultations: CSM will provide in-depth consulting to review user experience in the support flow and suggest ways to improve it.

Monthly CSM Calls: Check-in calls where CSM will bring up suggestions around Help Center structure, content gaps, user flow, and ways to optimize contact forms to gather more information and speed up agent resolution.

Annual Business Review: Formal annual review of program performance, key metrics, and KPI’s.

Premium CSM Support: CSM will acknowledge emails within a 24-hour SLA window during business hours and act as a business advisor.


Multiple Support Channel Options: Solvvy provides a single, consistent UI in front of your support channels. Omnichannel handoffs can reflect sophisticated support channel mappings in terms of hours, user personas, or locations.

Persona-based Routing: Ability to provide issue-based routing or to route customers based on context using custom tags, location, device, etc. This can be used to identify critical issues and skip directly to the right support channels.

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