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Intelligent customer support automation
Effortless conversations

Unleash the power of enterprise knowledge with artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning help make your customer conversations effortless

Solvvy is reimagining customer support through intelligent automation. Powered by artificial intelligence at its core, Solvvy learns from your existing enterprise knowledge and history of customer interactions to answer incoming customer questions.

Solvvy makes use of machine learning (ML), deep learning and transfer learning to build a unique Answer Graph from your knowledge base, ticket history and other internal data sources. Solvvy works on various channels such as web, mobile and chat. Using natural language processing, it can understand customer questions and respond with answers to immediately resolve customer issues.

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Getting Started with CX Automation

64% of consumers expect real-time responses at all times, and 65% say they are likely to switch brands if they receive inconsistent service across platforms.  Adopting AI and automation technologies for customer service has shown to yield higher customer satisfaction, increased revenues, decreased costs, and improved agent performance.  In this helpful, 8-step guide we explore what should be considered when evaluating automation tools and the do's and don'ts to keep in mind along the way

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See how Solvvy is better

  • Outperforms on
    self service rate

    Solvvy is purpose-built for self-service so we can boast about our 25% average self-service rate. We use advanced technology based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) instead of relying on keywords.

  • Easier to use for you
    and your customers

    Solvvy presents short snippets to provide precise and immediate answers. It is intuitive and designed to reduce customer effort.

  • Better reporting
    and analytics

    Our dashboard gives you everything you need to know from what your customers are saying to what is missing in your help center.

Sophisticated technology. Easy integrations. Intuitive dashboard.

Create delightful customer experiences with intelligent automation

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