Automate common customer support interactions

Tackle transactional issues with automation that’s intuitive and simple

Assist powers better support experiences by guiding customers through automated steps to fully resolve their issues

Deep understanding of customer intent

Identify opportunities for automation to streamline customer support. Using artificial intelligence, we understand context of issues to accurately determine if Assist can help. By resolving repetitive issues through automation, your agents can focus on issues that require a human touch.

Intuitive, guided experience for customers

Guide customers through simple steps to resolve their issues quickly. Our Intent Engine directs users to the quickest path and automates customer requests such as order lookups, refunds, subscription changes.

End-to-end automation that’s effortless

Assist is both simple for users and simple to set up. We integrate with your backend systems and APIs to automate complex workflows.

Assist Product Features

Assist delivers automation through an intuitive interface. We identify areas of automation in your customer support flow today and integrate with your existing backend systems to  automate common customer service requests.

With Assist, can help themselves even on complex issues. Deliver a personalized automation experience for your customers and create a better customer experience with faster resolutions.

Multi-Language Support
Comprehensive Reporting
Persona-based Segmentation
CRM integrations
Ecommerce Platform Integrations

Guided Experience

Making Digital Interactions More Human
CX experts who use Solvvy agree
“With Solvvy, people can get answers to even more questions that matter.
Because of that, my agents can focus on solving more complex issues more quickly.”
Jeff Chase
Product Marketing Manager at eero
The Solvvy Platform
Deliver immediate answers with intelligent self-service
Automate repetitive processes and workflows
Dig into analytics that go beyond customer support reporting
Mobile Support
Provide native app support with our Mobile SDK
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