Simple Customer Support Automation for Complex Workflows

Save Time and Improve Efficiency With Customer Support Automations

Delight Customers with Effortless Automation

Expand your self-service capabilities by connecting self-service Workflow automations with API’s or backend systems, allowing customers to resolve issues or complete requests on their own without needing to contact support.

Empower Agents with Assisted Support

For situations where human support is necessary, Workflows reduce handle times by automating information collection and streamlining conversations between customers and your team.

Build and Maintain Automations with Ease

Workflows are simple to build, update, and maintain without needing to secure your organization’s scarce engineering resources.

The Choices Are Endless

A few ways our clients are using Workflow automations to deliver a better customer experience:

Order Tracking
Handle late or missing orders with ease by providing unique tracking links based on user APIs, expected delivery timelines, and if necessary, routing your customer directly to an agent.
Walk customers through personalized troubleshooting flows for different products and services with step-by-step instructions, videos, and images, so they can attempt to correct their issues before reaching out to an agent.
Churn Prevention
Give your customers a seamless experience during their subscription management, including opportunities to select other options than cancellation such as special offers or promotions.
Upsells and Refunds
Provide your customer with detailed return instructions based on the specific item they are returning, or recommend product upsells and recommendations based on their questions or interests.
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