Workflow Builder is the no-code solution to complex customer questions

A codeless workflow builder for easy automation

Automation Made Easy (and codeless)

Workflow Builder uses an intuitive, card-based layout to make it simple for you to create highly personalized, multi-step solutions to customer issues and requests.

Step-by-step solutions can be quickly designed for any question – regardless of complexity – with no engineering resources required.

The Right Answer at the Right Time

Solvvy’s advanced natural language processing understands the intent behind customer questions to know when to trigger a specific Workflow.

Workflows provide immediate answers to complex customer issues that normally require expensive phone, email, or chat support.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Provide personalized experiences to customers and ensure they receive answers to questions that can’t be automatically resolved with Help Center content.

Guide users to the most effective answer, URL, media, or support channel based on their issue or customer profile.

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