Translate customer conversations into strategic opportunities

Access a holistic view of your entire business in real-time

Insights powers data-driven decisions by identifying trends in customer conversations across all support channels

Get the inside scoop on your business

Get a business-level view of your support organization through a partnership with our world-class Customer Success team. Our team helps you understand the effectiveness of your knowledge base backed by data-driven insights. Our CSM team partners with you to make improvements, sharing the best practices by others in your field, market trends, and ticket categorizations.

Identify new areas of opportunity

Move beyond your existing KPI reporting. Turn customer conversations into strategic opportunities. Equip cross-functional teams with analytics to understand the entire customer experience. Identify real-time trends and download reports to share with team members.

Make decisions with confidence

Quantify business trends and take action. Easily uncover categories that are driving up costs, and categories that are potential business opportunities. Partner with cross-functional teams to change the status quo and create a better customer experience.

Re-Thinking Self Service KPIs
CX experts who use Solvvy agree
“Solvvy has us thinking about all the ways we can apply AI and NLP to our business.
We’re excited to use the insights from Solvvy to dramatically change the help and contact center experience.”
Joe Wang
Director of Customer Experience at Upwork
The Solvvy Platform
Deliver immediate answers with intelligent self-service
Automate repetitive processes and workflows
Dig into analytics that go beyond customer support reporting
Mobile Support
Provide native app support with our Mobile SDK
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