Enable easy and effortless self‑service

Help customers find resolutions faster with intelligent self-service

Resolve powers better customer experiences by understanding issues and providing immediate resolutions

Easy, Breezy, Effortless. Customer Self-Service.

Offer an intuitive self-service experience that delivers immediate resolutions anytime, anywhere. And if customers need additional help? Resolve unifies existing support channels into a single interface so customers can seamlessly engage on their preferred channel for issues that require a human touch.

Impactful cost reduction at scale.

We deliver a 25% self-service rate which translates into direct cost savings to your business. As your business grows, we grow with you to keep support costs low and customer satisfaction high. Our high performance results from using advanced Natural Language Processing to determine user intent and transfer learning from conversations across our 250M+ end user base.

Increase agent productivity

Easily deploy a customer self-service channel to handle common issues so agents can focus on customer conversations that move the needle. Spend less time on low touch tickets and more time delivering great customer experiences. Automate and scale self-serviceable issues with the power of AI.

Resolve Product Features

Resolve is a self-service platform solution that works for your customers, globally. We help customize our experience to fit your brand and make it native to your website or mobile app. If you have multiple business lines or different types of user personas, we’ll build segmentation to ensure the most relevant personalization for your users.

With CRM and chat integrations with major providers, our intelligent self service software integrates seamlessly with minimal effort from you. Leverage our reporting to understand gaps in your knowledge base and see which articles are getting the most engagement.

Multi-Language Support
Comprehensive Reporting
Algorithm Training Application
Automatic Knowledge Re-crawl
Persona-Based Segmentation
Out-of-the-box Customizations
User Profile Management
Chat Integrations
CRM Integrations
Launch Flow Customization
Knowledge Base Gap Analysis
Voice of Customer Report

Guided Experience

CX experts who use Solvvy agree
“Solvvy gives us the competitive advantage every company wants.
By allowing us to leverage AI, many of our learners can now resolve their issues without human intervention.”
Riley Soter
Customer Support Manager at Codecademy
The Solvvy Platform
Deliver immediate answers with intelligent self-service
Automate repetitive processes and workflows
Dig into analytics that go beyond customer support reporting
Mobile Support
Provide native app support with our Mobile SDK
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