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Deliver an effortless customer experience

Deliver fast, accurate and consistent answers to customer questions across all support channels for an outstanding customer experience

Intelligent automation brings you “Always-On” omni-channel self-service

As customer experience leaders or happiness engineers, you know that happy customers are critical for the success of your business. Delivering speed and consistency across all support channels is imperative for creating delightful customer experiences. Solvvy significantly improves the CES (Customer Effort Score) by providing an effortless, omni-channel customer service experience.

Key Value Drivers

Solvvy provides outstanding customer experience by equipping you with the ability to provide instant resolutions to your customers across all support channels be it chat, mobile or web. It greatly improves your CES by minimizing the effort required on part of consumers to get fast and reliable answers to their questions. Solvvy’s self-service platform powered by AI and machine learning, continuously learns, improves and even predicts useful content for your knowledge base. By creating an effortless customer service experience, you can turn loyal customers into fierce advocates and take your business to new heights.

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Provide Intelligent Self-Service Anytime, Anywhere

Improve CES with Effortless Self-Service

Build your Knowledge Base

Turn Happy Customers into Brand Advocates

"We're just thrilled to work with Solvvy. It's been a game changer for us and our customers!"

Lupe Gonzalez, Director Customer Experience, Headspace

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The Three E’s of a Game-Changing CX

The three pillars on which customer experience rests are effectiveness, ease and emotion. In this eBook by Solvvy, subject matter experts discuss the framework for creating a world class customer experience by citing industry metrics and practical use cases.

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