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Keeping customer data safe

Data Security

Solvvy’s technology doesn’t require access to personally identifiable information (PII)  to provide immediate answers to user questions. Solvvy doesn’t store any of this information and redacts all PII using state-of-the-art technology before storing anything in our platform.

Solvvy is SOC2 compliant and has deployed critical security policies, procedures, and safeguards necessary to protect and secure client data.

Infrastructure Security

All customer data is securely stored in state-of-the-art, highly secure data centers. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and all services are run on Kubernetes using GCP’s container-optimized OS.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Solvvy adheres to top security standards by conducting annual penetration testing and vulnerability scanning to identify and resolve any weaknesses before they can cause any issues.

State of the Art Anti-Virus Protection

Actively reducing the threat of viruses is a key goal at Solvvy, so we ask all employees to wash their hands. To date, we have eliminated 99.9% of threats. 😉

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