Solvvy for E-Commerce

Eliminate wait times. Empower shoppers. Deliver better experiences.

Solvvy for E-Commerce is designed to automate and quickly resolve the most common customer issues experienced while shopping online. Put the power in your customers’ hands to resolve their own issues while providing a seamless experience that builds brand confidence with our e-commerce support services.

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Empower Shoppers with Intelligent Self-Service

Provide a self-service experience that allows shoppers to rapidly resolve issues related to anything from ordering to shipping.

Guide customers through their digital shopping experience, reducing customer friction and growing trust in your brand.

Work Smarter with Insights

Measure and understand the effectiveness of your knowledge base to see what can be improved and how to improve it.

Get a holistic understanding of your customer issues with insights based on every interaction with your brand.

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Scale Profitably

When self-service doesn’t cut it, route shoppers to the right e-commerce customer support service channel and tier of support, based on customer profile, business hours, or issue type.

Free up agent time so they can focus on tickets that require a human touch – especially during peak times and busy seasons – to reduce delays, customer frustration, and seasonal hiring.

Provide Support Anytime, Anywhere

Ensure shoppers are getting the immediate help they need, on any device, at any time, with seamless connection to live agents when required.

Provide 24/7 e-commerce customer service support, so shoppers have easy access to brands around the clock – even when live agents aren’t available.

Solvvy for e-Commerce Solution Capabilities

Online retailers on the Solvvy platform can offer immediate e-commerce customer service support to shoppers, automatically guiding them throughout their journey, ensuring that questions are resolved quickly for seamless digital shopping experience.

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Solvvy Resolve
Order Related Automation
Multi-Language Support
Persona-Based Segmentation
Comprehensive Reporting
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