Actionable Insights That Level-Up Your Entire Customer Experience

Solvvy analytics are designed to give you a 360 degree view of your customers and support operations so you can optimize your customer experience beyond adding automation to your help center.

Identify Support Issues and Self-Service Gaps Quickly

With an analytics dashboard that goes beyond basic reporting, your team is enabled to improve your customer experience in multiple areas. Review high-performing articles to determine what help center content is most effective, and determine where content needs to be updated to improve self-service rates. Identify gaps in your support where new content can be created to make finding answers even easier for your customers.

Prioritize New CX Initiatives Effectively

Get a better understanding of your customer’s top issues with category insight reports that allow you to view customer queries categorized by specific topics. See which topics are trending up or down, which can be more effectively resolved, and which may require Workflows or agent support.

Share Customer Insights with Key Stakeholders in Your Organization

Export historical customer analytics and insights from the Solvvy dashboard to share with your team or other stakeholders in an easily downloadable report. Aggregate your support analytics by any date range to share valuable insights with product and design teams to influence your company’s roadmap.

"When you're constantly worrying about volume and responding to tickets, it's hard to take a step back. Solvvy helped put things in perspective and gave us a high-level overview of where we were at."

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