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Reduce customer effort and increase customer satisfaction

Keep your customers smiling by letting conversations flow seamlessly between them and your business with this customer satisfaction tool. Make it easy for them to reach out for help across channels without ever having to repeat themselves.

Keep the conversations flowing

Increase customer satisfaction by using advanced technology based on natural language processing to understand customer intent. Solvvy understands everyday language and delivers a 25% self-service rate.

Provide immediate resolutions

Eliminate wait times by providing precise snippets from your knowledge base—only the most relevant and accurate information—so customers don’t have to waste time reading or waiting for an agent.

Make it easy for your customers with omnichannel customer support

Empower customers to help themselves wherever they are—on your website or within your mobile app. Engage with them where they want so they can continue the conversation on any channel.

Proven Support Strategies to Keep CSAT High
“We’ve experienced a drastic increase in our self-service rate to 50% with Solvvy. It’s been an incredible asset in helping our customers stay calm and happy.”
Layna Smith
Head of Customer Experience at Calm
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