Real Conversational Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding

Most chatbots require you to spend weeks or months of your time "training" - that is, adding hard-coded answers for every possible customer question. Solvvy starts with experience backed by millions of successful monthly resolutions, then automatically crawls your content to provide immediate solutions for customer questions.

Next-Gen Automation Based on Cutting-Edge AI Research

Based on cutting-edge AI research at Carnegie-Mellon University, our proprietary machine learning and natural language processing techniques ensure Solvvy always understands user questions and responds with the best possible answer.

Empowered Agents & Increased Productivity

When your users need answers to questions that can’t be self-serviced or urgent issues are asked, Solvvy will intelligently route them to the best agent to handle their issue. Solvvy will add more detail to support tickets so your team can respond to users in the most effective way, allowing your agents to not waste time with tedious tasks and deliver quick resolutions to your customers.

Impactful Solutions in Minutes

With a library of over 100 pre-built intents for the most common support issues, your team won’t have to struggle with building out every possible way a user might ask a question. Built directly into Solvvy’s Workflow Builder, the intent library saves your team valuable time and resources, and allows you to create solutions for complex questions in just minutes.

"I look at the Solvvy dashboard every day - if these tickets weren't being automated by Solvvy, we'd be lost."

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Real Conversational Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding
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