A Conversational Chatbot Designed for Brilliant Customer Experiences

Your customers don’t want to struggle to get the answers they need and resolve their issues in a generic-looking chatbot interface. Solvvy’s configurable, customer-centric design ensures your customers find the answers they need easily and your brand looks great in the process.

Customizable for Your Brand and Business Requirements

Solvvy’s user interface is designed to fit all your brand specifications, ensuring users know they’re interacting directly with the brands they care about most. With Solvvy’s Interface Setup at your disposal, you’ll have the power to easily edit greetings, text and button colors, and more, so it’ll never look like a separate tool on your website.

Truly Conversational & Intelligent

Give users immediate answers with Solvvy’s conversational chatbot design, without forcing them to wade through multiple messages or links to help center articles. With research supported by millions of queries, we’ve built an interface that improves customer satisfaction and gives your customers the power to resolve issues faster than ever before.

Omni-channel & Mobile-Ready Design

Optimized for beautiful mobile and mobile web experiences, Solvvy gives your customers the same great, consistent experience whether they need answers on your website, in-app, or on their phone. Built to be highly accessible, you won’t need to worry about compromising your customer experience anywhere you interact with users.

Deliver experiences designed specifically for your brand

Solvvy Interfaces gives you the power to choose the optimal experience for your brand identity, ensuring you always put your best foot forward and give your customers the exact support experience they need.

Conversational Interface

Optimized for natural feeling conversations

Solvvy’s Conversational Interface delivers a more traditional chatbot look and feel, similar to common SMS interfaces.

This interface is ideal for businesses wanting to provide a familiar, more casual experience to their customers, giving them confidence to automatically resolve issues.

Professional Interface

Optimized for longer form content

Solvvy’s Professional Interface delivers a more enterprise look, optimized to provide more space for solutions.

This interface is ideal for businesses wanting to provide a more professional experience to their customers while still ensuring answers are easily found.

"Before bringing Solvvy on, we were completely overwhelmed by the volume of tickets - it was all we could focus on. Right from the get-go, Solvvy helped us go from about 10% self-service to around 50%."

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A Conversational Chatbot Designed for Brilliant Customer Experiences
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