Delight Your Customers with Personalized Customer Experiences

Solvvy helps you leave a lasting impression on customers by seamlessly delivering the ideal solutions and support channels for every situation.

Automation for Complex Customer Issues

Solvvy Workflows allow support teams to easily automate solutions to multi-step customer issues that would normally require an agent, saving time for your team and allowing your customers to solve issues instantly. Solvvy understands the intent behind customer questions and triggers the right Workflow at the right time to give the whole experience a personalized touch.

Easily Connect to API Endpoints

Deliver highly specific answers to customer questions directly through Solvvy with our easy-to-use API integrations. Solvvy securely authenticates your users at the right times and connects to virtually any data source to surface personalized order or delivery data, user plan and subscription information, and much more.

Personalized Customer Journeys

For issues that require more of a human touch, Solvvy’s customer service software provides personalized customer journeys that intelligently route users to agents based on the urgency of the issue, customer type, and more. Keep conversations seamless by providing the optimal support channels for each situation – including social messaging, chat, email, and phone – and by handing-off key details and context to agents for smoother, faster resolution.

"Solvvy really empowers our customers to help themselves and move on with their busy lives."

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