Ready, set, grow

Scale your customer support team with self-service and automation

Providing great customer support as your business rapidly grows can feel like white water rafting during a wild storm. But scaling your customer support can be effortless with the Solvvy solution.

Deliver intelligent self-service

Empower customers to resolve their issues. Solvvy can answer top common questions and provides 24/7 support even during big spikes on customer inquiries.

Automate repetitive tasks and tickets

Manage growth without an expansion of your customer support team. Collect customer information to take actions like editing orders or canceling a subscription.

Free up your agents

Lighten agent workload so they can focus only on issues that require their time and attention while Solvvy takes care of the rest using the power of artificial intelligence.

How to Use Contextual Knowledge to Improve Agent Productivity and CSAT
“Having Solvvy allowed us to rapidly grow our account base without proportionately growing our tickets or our customer support team.”
Sarah Rosenzweig
Director of Customer Experience, Stash
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