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Solvvy for Salesforce

Intelligent Customer Service Automation with AI & Machine Learning

Add an effortless self-service customer experience to your help center today.
See a 20% reduction in case volume on Day 1!

Creating delightful support experiences for leading companies on Salesforce

Out-of-the-box Implementation & Easy Deployment

Easily Integrate with Salesforce

To get started with Solvvy, we only need a connection to Service Cloud.

Build Your AnswerGraph with No Effort

We leverage your existing knowledge base and previous cases to build and train a custom AnswerGraph specific to your company (no work needed from you!).

Simply Go Live on Your Help Center

Add a line of javascript to your help center and we’re live!  Solvvy immediately starts surfacing the most relevant solutions to your users’ questions.

Better Customer Experience with Self-Service

Deliver Instant Resolutions

Surface precise answers to your users immediately and reduce customer effort with an intuitive self-service experience.

Provide Always-On Support

Solvvy works around the clock, so customers can depend on getting resolutions promptly and your team can consistently meet your response time goals.

Implement Omnichannel Self-Service

Solvvy serves as the first line of defense across your support channels and integrates seamlessly with Service Cloud and most major chat providers.

Measurable Impact to Your Business

Improve Cost Efficiency with Self-Service

Scale your support strategy with impactful case volume reduction through intelligent automation and our ticket resolution process. Our users see 15-30% ticket reduction on Day 1 and our performance improves over time.

Decrease Average Resolution Time

For self-serviceable questions, users simply write their question, see Solvvy’s suggested solutions, and are able to resolve their question quickly. Across our customers, Solvvy’s average resolution time is 1 minute.

Measure ROI

Easily measure and report on Solvvy’s ROI for your business with our comprehensive dashboard. Track Solvvy’s impact on your key KPIs such as average resolution time, self-service rate, case volume reduction, and cost savings.

Experience the Immediate Results Solvvy & Intelligent Self-Service Can Drive for Your Business

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