Higher Conversion Rates with eCommerce Chatbot Solutions

When shoppers need help making purchasing decisions, it’s important to help them right away so they can get back their cart. Solvvy intelligently answers your customers' pre-sales questions and guides online shoppers, reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing sales with seamless and conversational guided experiences.

Increase Conversions, Reduce Abandonment

Guide customers through the entire buying journey to increase customer engagement and reduce cart abandonment rates. Build simple to follow Workflows that allow shoppers to self-serve any issue from product searches to order management.

With a conversational interface by their side, your business will be able to provide immediate guidance to shoppers, increasing their time spent on your site and customer lifetime value.

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Personalized Shopping Journey

Help your customers shop with confidence with personalized product recommendations by page and create highly effective guided purchase experiences with no engineering effort required. While your customer is searching for the perfect product for them, Solvvy can step in to help find those products with step-by-step journeys that lead shoppers to the exact item they want.

When shoppers need additional help, Solvvy can intelligently route them to your sales team via whatever channel they prefer or any that you have available with our seamless omni-channel experience.

Understand Your Customers Better

Remove gaps in your product or checkout flows that may create friction and interrupt the buying process with robust analytics that help you understand your customers.

Gain insight into important shopper metrics such as engagement rate, conversion rate, and total revenue lift through Solvvy to help you better identify your return on investment.

Effortless Omnichannel Experience

Provide world-class experiences no matter where your customers are shopping from with intuitive mobile, web, and app support.

Solvvy gives shoppers the ability to dive into rich content and quickly surface solutions on the go so they can get right back to their cart.

Connect Your Systems

We easily integrate with your existing CRM and chat provider
The Solvvy Platform
Deliver immediate answers with intelligent self-service
Create answers for more complex user questions
Direct customers to the right place at the right time
Dig into analytics that go beyond customer support reporting
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Invaluable Case Study: Decreased Customer Support Headcount by 50%
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Scentbird Case Study: Preventing Customer Churn through Accurate and Quick Resolutions
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Eero Case Study: Eero Delivers Instant Answers With 45% Self-Service Rate
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