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Creating a Chatbot that Delivers

In a time where many chatbots deliver disappointing experiences at best, Valoir analyzed Solvvy's implementation for a number of customers to understand what makes next-gen chatbots truly effective.

Solvvy Outperforms Traditional Chatbots

Eliminate Wait Times
Deliver instant resolutions to customers even when your agents are busy or offline.
Give Relevant, Accurate Answers
Provide customers with accurate snippets taken directly from your knowledge base.
Reduce Repetitive Work
Give back agent time to focus on conversations that require a human touch.
Brilliant Customer Experiences

Solvvy is an effortless next-gen chatbot platform that delivers brilliant customer experiences by immediately answering questions, guiding customers through personalized journeys, and providing insights to make great support decisions.

Solvvy’s proprietary Natural Language Processing technology interprets conversational language and the intent behind questions, allowing it to handle even the most complex customer needs.

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